Michael Manson

Michael Manson is a talented, school educated, and experienced musician, and music educator. His training is inclusive of intensive work in the Classic, Jazz, Gospel and R&B genres of music. Also, inclusive of his Christian philosophy and training, giving is an crucial part of his lifestyle. In keeping with this, music as a gift is meant that is meant to serve. Therefore Michael feels that the gift, that was given to him, is to be given back to serve others and specifically his community.


He has studied and earned a Bachelor Degree in Music Education from Chicago State University and a Master of Music in Music Education with emphasis on Orchestra Conducting from The Biennen School of Music at Northwestern University. He continues to sharpen his skills in the field of music education technology at the Vandercook college of Music. Michael has been able to play and perform his music literally all over the world. Performances in front of thousands of people in Northern and Southern Asia, all parts of Europe, Northern and Southern Africa, South America, New Zealand, Mexico, and Caribbean islands. Why is this important? The students that our undeserved communities do have dreams. They dream of give this gift of music back to people all over the world. Some even have proper motives regarding performing. Dreams of stardom are often fleeing, but a lot of students just dream of sharing their gifts with others. These students should hear this from someone who has lived that dream, and accomplished that dream. In addition, they have to be shown the path to achieving that dream and goal. 

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